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Our Mission

Truth time: Women-led enterprises are fast growing economic drivers that have already generated $1.8 Trillion in revenue. 

Minority owned businesses generate over $1 Trillion in revenue. 

We are under-served because these businesses are under-served. Inspired by purpose, our goal is to bridge the wealth gap and increase opportunity for all.  

We’re on a mission to remove obstacles, redefine the banking experience, and use technology to give business owners the power to build meaningful wealth and create immeasurable economic impact.

Our Vision - A business banking platform that creates value
Cash Flow Management + Predictive Analytics + Access to Capital

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About us

At GenEQTY, we are a diverse team of technologists, financial entrepreneurs and strategic partners focused on creating a financially inclusive world through a unique digital banking platform. 

“What's the world for you if you can't make it up the way you want it?”
- Toni Morrison

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