Accounting Firms

Cashflow is King. We Make Managing It Easier.

As an accounting firm, your clients rely on you to accurately account for and forecast cash in and
cash out. We make accounting for businesses of any size easier with a modernized, tech-first API
that simplifies processes, predicts gaps, suggests new revenue streams, and forecasts financial
outlooks, all while linking to your current accounting systems.

Deliver Peace of Mind with On-Demand Reports

Give your clients the assurance they need when they need it with on-demand forecasting results. GenEQTY’s intuitive dashboard allows you to generate reports at the click of a button, allowing you to provide cash flow forecasting for up to 12 months in advance. White label reports are generated in minutes, not days or weeks, offering fast and accurate data you and your clients can trust.

Keep the Cash Flowing with Smart Automation

We help you more accurately forecast clients’ cashflow with automated forecasting technology

Offer Customized Advice and Solutions

Using insights gained from client data, offer advice and solutions designed for each client’s unique needs. Through robust forecasting tools, you can predict any potential cashflow gaps and shortcomings and offer solutions to help your clients mitigate risks before they happen, giving your organization a competitive advantage and improving client satisfaction.

Improve Client Financial Health

GenEQTY helps you be a proactive partner in your clients’ success through deep financial data insights that support their financial health. Champion their financial strength by using insights to suggest additional income streams or improvements to existing steams so they can achieve their critical business goals.

Ready to More Quickly Match Your Clients With the Right Products?

GenEQTY drives more confident, faster lending decisions through powerful APIs that support data normalization and client empowerment.