We Make Big Data Manageable

Whether you partner with SMBs or large corporations, making sense of potentially millions of financial data points is messy. Our white label platform makes big data from disparate platforms smaller and more manageable by translating them into standardized, actionable insights to support smarter lending decisions. Quickly get crucial insights into a client’s current and future financial health so you can offer products and solutions to optimize their success.

Get Up and Running Fast

When you need a complete picture of your clients’ financial past, present, and future, collecting the data you need can be time consuming. And analyzing the data is even more timely. GenEQTY’s API solutions allow clients to share key financial data with you and then seamlessly integrates that data into your system. Our done-for-you, white label product requires little coding expertise, meaning you can start making smarter lending decisions in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.

All For One. One For All.

Our innovative platform unites all of your financial data points into one universal format, making data integration and data-informed lending decisions a breeze.

Empower Your Clients

Give clients access to a white label portal that gives them control over what to share. Save time for both clients and your team with an intuitive API interface that connects to clients’ financial accounts and grants you access to the information you need to make informed lending decisions and customized product recommendations

Enable a More FinTech-First Approach to Business

Whether you’re a fintech firm or looking to adopt a more fintech-first approach to business, GenEQTY gives you the tools to offer your clients a more seamless borrowing experience from start to finish.

Ready For Data-Driven Lending In Less Time?

GenEQTY empowers you to grow with smarter lending decisions and less risk.