Society tends to paint the entrepreneur as a caped crusader who makes significant sacrifices to realize their vision. Many of us take pride in going all-out for our business’s benefit and wear that pride like a badge of honor. The irony is this – only when we are at our best, mentally, physically, and for many of us spiritually, can we go the extra mile. Here at GenEQTY, we know that the human perspective is vital to our mission and your business’ success. It might feel counter-intuitive initially, but it’s time to put those papers aside and prioritize self-care. Doing so might be the key to hitting all the milestones between here and your loftiest goals.

Mental Health & Entrepreneurship

Building your own business means being bold enough to take risks, being quick on your toes, and brave enough to cut against the grain. You may be surprised to know that this same entrepreneurial brilliance overlaps with greater mental-health vulnerability. A study conducted by Dr. Michael Freeman shows that some 49% of entrepreneurs work to keep lifetime mental health conditions in check – far above the comparison average. Among them, 30% were managing depression, 27% anxiety, and 29% ADHD. Thankfully, we can do a lot to ensure we can protect our peace and shine.

When we think of an athlete preparing for a competition, it’s easy to imagine that they will be proactive about bolstering their well-being in every way possible. Not just training for their event, but eating a healthy diet, managing stress, and getting enough sleep. When our business idea takes root in our minds, its potential is actualized when taking the same holistic approach. Nurturing your mental health means maximizing your capacity to make decisions and navigate the ups and downs of business ownership.

Better Health Means Greater Innovation

You can boost your ability to build your business by harnessing healthy practices? Just as you wouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car when inebriated, you probably wouldn’t want to take the helm of your business when cognitively impaired. But, that’s what we do when we let ourselves go sleep-deprived. Those all-nighters to fulfill that order, Research tells us that a 48-hour grind with no shut-eye dents our thinking capacity to the same degree as drinking too much to drive.

Exercise and stress management can improve cognitive memory and critical thinking. Additional benefits include reduced inflammation, better heart health, and the ability to fight disease. Super-charge the areas of your brain where innovation grows and comes alive! 

A Business-Wide Spotlight On Well-Being

Of course, well-being is essential for you in your role as an entrepreneur and everyone that keeps your business running. For a sense of this importance, research tells us that nearly three-quarters of workers want their employers to champion mental health. Prioritizing well-being means greater productivity, better employee retention, and the chance to leverage the financial advantages of happy, engaged employees.

Balance Your Well-Being With Your Ambition

What’s the first step towards reaping the rewards of self-care? Recognize where you are. Take a time-out each day for an internal check-in, asking yourself how you feel and why. Schedule for the habits that will support your health: this might mean gym-time, a moment for meditation, a revitalizing sleep ritual, or seeking out an excellent well-being app like Peach Mindfulness. The company’s founder Quyen Balter says that “Mindfulness is a way for us to raise awareness about our physical, mental and emotional state. We can learn to detach ourselves from the emotional and mental burden that our mind often creates and imposes on ourselves”. Keep an eye out for burnout, too. The World Health Organization recognizes burnout as an official disorder. It’s not enough to battle through.  Ignoring your well-being might be the entrepreneur’s kryptonite, but happily, shedding that high-pressure caped crusader facade is trending.

Stay well and manage your peace. When it comes to your business, we’ll do our part by providing financial tools that provide clarity.

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