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Small Business. Big Potential.

We believe that just because your clients may be small, that doesn’t mean they can’t make a significant global impact with the right resources. We make small-business lending easy with a modernized lending platform that mitigates risk, delivers deep financial insights, and accelerates the lending process so you can help your clients bring their potentially life-changing products and services to the world.

Reduce Time to Loan Decision

Transform your decision process with one comprehensive digital tool designed to give you a complete picture of your clients’ financial health. Easily collect, store, and analyze a borrower’s income and expenses in real-time, cash on hand, predicted cash flow data, and more to simplify decision making and reduce risk so you can make smarter lending decisions.

Accelerate Your SMB Lending Process

We deliver the data insights needed to help you improve the way you fund and advise SMBs.

Deliver Customized Advice and Solutions

Using various client insights, cash flow forecasting, and business metrics, pre-qualify borrowers for products customized to their needs. Business health scores and CFO insights allow you to make product recommendations and address financial concerns before they become issues, helping you empower your clients to maintain their financial health and sustainability.

Improve Client Experiences

GenEQTY streamlines the application experience for borrowers, boosting their confidence in your brand and reducing headaches. Borrowers simply connect all of their business accounts to their application and grant your organization access. Our powerful solution does the rest in predicting KPIs and recommending the best solutions.

Ready For Data-Driven Lending In Less Time?

GenEQTY empowers you to grow with smarter lending decisions and less risk.