The business data analytics platform that delivers dynamic real-time, automated, and highly relevant insights and data experiences to power the next generation of financial products.  

The Data Engine That Powers Better Outcomes

Transformed Financial Data for Smarter Decisions and Growth

At GenEQTY, we know that businesses of all sizes need more than just data; they need insights to help them create relevant products and services. We make it easy to access the actionable intelligence hidden within your SMB customers’ raw unstructured data – unlocking potential for smarter decisions and sustainable growth!

Insights for Actionable Intelligence

Why GenEQTY?

become Data-Driven

Embrace tomorrow’s open banking platform. Leverage the advantage of better financial insight with our modern platform.

Our Platform

Harness the power of our cutting-edge APIs designed to help streamline decision-making, reduce risk and fuel SMB growth

Business Transactions

Our powerful engine quickly aggregates and processes complex bank transactions into insightful data, all while keeping your customer's accounts secure.

CFO Insights

Gain valuable insights that will position you as your clients’ trusted financial confidant by offering business-boosting financial advice and products

Business Health

Quickly assess your business clients' health so you can tailor product offerings designed for their risk level and future financial forecasts

Business KPIs

Access accurate financial ratios to make smarter lending decisions and product recommendations for your clients’ unique situations


Enjoy ultimate visibility of your clients' businesses with easy-to-read visuals and run reports with a simple click of a button

Accounting Integration

Champion your clients’ cashflow with robust accounting capabilities that give you and them a complete picture of their financial health

Agile Industry Use Cases

GenEQTY is the platform for unlocking actionable insights for you and your business customers. Whether you're a traditional or digital company, we take raw SMB data and convert it into powerful intelligence so that you can create relevant products and services with ease!

Future-Fit Your Banking

Prepare yourself to stay ahead of the competition. Forge a bond with an experienced partner that can broaden your banking offerings and deliver cutting-edge solutions for modern customers’ expectations. Unlock the power of data, analytics, and open APIs – ensuring you succeed in this ever-evolving landscape while always keeping up with what’s next!

Leverage the power of connectivity

GenEQTY enables ground-breaking fintechs to drastically reduce engineering hours and accelerate time to market. Quickly and securely integrate SMB banking, accounting, payment and e-commerce data seamlessly for faster product development.

A 360 view for better lending

With GenEQTY you can revolutionize lending. Instead of collecting multiple documents from different banks and institutions you can get an almost immediate overview into any applicant’s financial information, streamlining the entire process for lenders and underwriters! This improved process means a better customer experience for applicants and financial professionals alike. Monitor possible problems early, and deliver services quickly. The result – a smoother experience from start to finish.

automate complex tasks, reduce repetition & human error

With GenEQTY, savvy accountants and advisors have the tools to gain a deeper understanding of their clients’ businesses. By leveraging real-time data, you’ll be able to offer personalized advice that will not only help identify cash flow issues but also uncover cost savings opportunities – all with tangible benefits in mind! Prove the value you bring while boosting efficiency and improving financial performance.

Real-Time Data means Real-Time Business

Unlock the financial potential of your data with our platform! Big and small enterprises alike can now streamline supply chain finance and working capital management tasks, giving them more time to focus on accelerating their businesses. Leverage the power of advanced corporate technologies that were once out of reach; a world of real-time efficiency awaits you– visibility is just a few clicks away!

Opening the financial world with Data

We can imagine possibilities that reach beyond the scope of today’s financial ecosystem. With great imagination, insight, and boldness, we think in systems and can synthesize multiple data points. GenEQTY is an enterprise-grade data platform that accelerates the creation of relevant financial products and services, helping bring the world’s small and medium-sized businesses into focus. We are community-first, and we dare to imagine what could be if we all worked on behalf of the greater good.

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