Our Products

An Open Platform - Robust APIs & Data Layer

With GenEQTY’s platform, financial providers and fintechs can provide a mutually beneficial experience for their SMB clients. Unleash the power of data-driven insights with intelligent solutions that bring unique value to both sides!

Accounting Integration

Monitor clients’ finances and stay informed of their business health with real-time data from accounting, banking, commerce, and payments software platforms. High-level overviews and indepth reports for each client allow you to take a proactive approach by offering them financial advice and solutions tailored to their needs before issues arise. Our accounting integration also allows for faster decision-making and underwriting with a modernized approach to financial data collection.

Business Transactions

Get full visibility of your clients’ financial health with a single-source solution that unites all their business accounts into one streamlined application. Our robust, reliable, and easy-to-use banking solution lets you effortlessly understand the income and expenses of a business in an intuitive dashboard. Verify statement data and view financial history to fully understand creditworthiness so you can recommend tailored solutions for each client's unique needs and circumstances.

CFO Insights

GenEQTY’s CFO Insights API empowers you to offer customized insights to SMBs so they can more effectively grow their businesses. Our CFO solution creates ratios, dashboards, and insights for your customers using their accounting, sales, banking data, and more. Leveraging these insights, create personalized product suggestions and deliver cash flow forecasts, benchmarking, and other personalized data-driven insights, empowering your business clients to close gaps, more quickly scale, and meet their business objectives with fewer obstacles.

Business Health Score

Take the guesswork out of your clients' creditworthiness and better identify which products will best suit their needs with a done-for-you business health score. Our solution makes sense of big financial data like accounting, sales, banking data, and more so you don’t have to, giving you quick, hassle-free insights into which products are ideal for each client. GenEQTY’s Business Health Score API also removes human error and bias from lending decisions, opening up a more equitable world of lending for SMBs.

Business KPIs and Metrics

Save time and get more accurate assessments of your clients' financial health in a digital platform that offers robust business KPI and metrics forecasting. Our solution empowers you to put away the paper and time-wasting manual processes with fast processing times that deliver the financial ratios you need to make lending decisions and product recommendations tailored to your clients' unique situations.


Save time with our intuitive dashboard that clearly displays everything you need to know about your business partners in one united solution. Easy-to-read visuals help you quickly make sense of businesses, their financial health, and key data. With a simple click of a button, generate reports that empower you to offer better services to each client.